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Our Story

Lacell Bedding is a technology-based company that researches, develops, and promotes new materials, especially the application of textile fabrics.

In collaboration with many domestic scientific research institutions, we have achieved many research results: fluorine-free super phobic self-cleaning material, new material for aerogel textile insulation, full-band maximum UVA ultra material and upgrading functional fibre material. As a result, the company’s functional fabrics find widespread use in home textiles, clothing, homeware, gifts, and other areas of life.

Since established in ….we have had a growing customer base in the United States and Europe, and we have developed products for many European and American retailers, including Tempur, Dillards, Steinmart, Carsons, JC Penney, Liverpools, Lablow, Sam’s Club, Morris&Co., Sanderson, Harlequin, Scion, and many others.

The primary business of Lacell Bedding is bedding, including bedding sets, bed sheets, pillows and cushions, blankets and blankets\towels, and bath towels\travel sleep fabrics. Our products are well-received in European and American markets. The market share is expanding yearly by creating and producing high-quality products and novel designs.

The company is constantly expanding its business channels, focusing on developing cross-border e-commerce. The company intends to use the cross-border e-commerce department as a primary channel for international cooperation.

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