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Lacell Bedding

Our Showroom is open all year

We have assisted many brands in their global expansion. We cordially invite our partners to visit us in China, where we will show you around the factory and demonstrate how we maintain quality control on the production line. In addition, our showroom provides a more personalized and relevant shopping experience.

Best Loved Locations of Our Products

Why Choose Us

We take pride in bringing world brands to life and seeing them thrive.

Supply chain management

Supply chain management that is vertically integrated from fibre to finishing

Extensive Experience

Our OEM&ODM and mass production experience spans over ten years.

Superior Quality

Decade of collaboration with ITempur, Morris&Co., Sanderson, Harlequin, Scion, full industrial tests

R&D Capability

The CEO of our company offers material research and supply chain solutions in collaboration with a team of textile engineering experts.

Rapid Sampling

Samples are available in sufficient quantities. Seven days of new material sampling are open to worldwide customers.

High-tech Healthy Lifestyle

We offer antibacterial, cooling, and sustainable homeware products using time-tested science and cutting-edge technology.

Procedure to Work With Us

We strive to make our workflow as simple and straightforward as possible. You send us your design specifications, and we offer your OEM to meet those specifications. Meanwhile, we help your brand grow by providing ODM and marketing tools.

We suggest you find a time to discuss with us online, so we will know exactly what your store need. We will find you the best materials suit for your targeted market and budget. We also make suggestions for you how we can make yourWe recommend that you schedule a time to talk with us online so that we can understand exactly what your store requires. We will locate the best materials for your specific market and budget. We also make step-by-step recommendations on how to turn your brand into a household name. brand a housename step by step. 

You may choose the product sample you require from our carefully curated portfolio of fabrics, bed linen sets, homeware products, and travel lifestyle textiles. Each product can be ordered separately or as part of a system by combining the recommended shop selection.

Kindly remind this policy only applies to business-to-business.

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We design bedding to your exact specifications. We assist you in producing a product and bringing it to market without the need to build, staff, and operate a factory. We can create a completely custom new product or a heavily customised product from the our OEM’s production line.

A Look Inside Our Factory

Our manufacturing facility features several intelligent production lines. Therefore, we sincerely hope to establish long-term and stable cooperative relationships with businesspeople from all regions of the country and worldwide.

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